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Special Events & Crowd Management Service

Event Security is one of the most dangerous positions for security. Most Private Security companies would not even think of doing major public events. We at Inhouse Security Service however have been securing major public event for over 20 years. These have included some of our Countries biggest music stars, with in excess of 10,000 attending. Our Officers are trained to the highest standards in the Security industry.

Inhouse Security Service personnel have worked all over California with world famous musicians and Hollywood Movie Stars. Our Security Officer's will ensure the safety and smooth running of your event. By choosing Inhouse Security Service as your preferred security service provider you will have the peace of mind in knowing your safety, property and guest will be in good professional hands with Inhouse Security Service on the job.

Our Officer's are versatile and experienced in working in a wide variety of environments. We can provide officers for any event type, from large music concerts, sporting events, festivals, corporate functions, movie industry, commercial filming to a small event like, weddings, car show, town event, store sale and many more.

All our event personnel are trained and regularly briefed in the following areas:

  • Crowd Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Safety
  • Event Procedures.
  • Customer Care

Many of our staff also have military backgrounds:

So if you have any sort of event, the best Security Company to have on the job would be Inhouse Security Service.