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Mobile Patrol Services

Are you tired of paying high insurance premiums for loss or damage to property or equipment?

Does a 15-20% rate decrease sound good? If so;

Inhouse Security Service provides Armed or Unarmed Patrol service to businesses both small and large, from a large Corporation to a small retail business, restaurant or home at a minimal cost to you. Inhouse Security Service mobile patrol units can operate 24 Hr. 7 days a week. These patrol vehicles are marked, and are operated by armed and unarmed uniformed security patrolmen. Our patrol units provide and respond to the following:

Spot Checks:

Spot checks consist of the patrolman entering your property, patrol designated areas, and any other special requests. A spot check will usually last from 15-20 minutes. Most clients' contract spot checks when they are out-of-town, or will be absent from their property, or for evenings and weekends.

Alarm Responses:

With the ever increasing population growth in the Central Coast Area, it is inevitable for crime to also increase. Many businesses are installing silent alarm systems, however, with each response requested by an alarm going off; it takes local law enforcement away from their normal patrol. Local government communities now charge a fee to answer these calls rather false or otherwise, at an alarming fee rate. Inhouse Security Service can contract with your local alarm company to respond to your silent alarms.

In some cases, their client would prefer security to respond first, rather than the police, due to costs, and personal interests. If an alarm is activated from the alarm agency, the agency dispatches our patrolman to the address and location of said alarm. The patrolman will reset the alarm, and leave the scene and notify the alarm company and client of any actions taken.

If the alarm appears to be an actual B&E in progress, or other criminal activity, the patrolman will ask for the local police to be dispatched, to assist the patrolman.

Private Patrols:

A few clients will hire Inhouse Security Service to provide patrol services. This entails having a patrol unit specifically for the client to patrol their property. In a private community patrol our company provides security to respond to any complaints that may arise such as: loud music, neighbor dispute, loitering, etc. or traffic and parking control for a specific function, I.E.: a wedding or birthday party.

If you are thinking of initiating a patrol service, or you have more questions in regards to patrol services, please feel free to Contact us for more details.