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Thinking About Contracting Private Security?

Not all Private Security Companies are equal. We believe that Inhouse Security Service is the most effective and qualified company for your money. Check other companies, and when you do; ask these questions below and you will see how far behind other Companies are from Inhouse Security Service:

  • Does the company have valid and sufficient liability coverage, workers compensation, valid Private Patrol Operators License, and unemployment policies in effect?  You might be Surprised to find that allot of companies don't.
  • Are your security programs custom created and mandated throughout the contract?
  • Is there a failsafe monitoring system available that reports in real time and can be monitored 24 hour a day?
  • Are all security officers' health screened and alcohol and drug free, have no criminal records, and are properly licensed?
  • Are all security officers professionally trained before assignment?
  • Is there a continuing training program for all security officers, supervisors, managers and executive?
  • Are all security officers inspected on post daily?
  • Will the company maintain and report your events daily?
  • Are there stand-by officers on duty or riding with field supervisors in the event there is a last minute call off?
  • If needed, are additional security officers immediately available at the contracted rate?
  • Are the President and all Executives available to you?
  • Is the company career oriented?
  • Is there a Total Quality Management program in effect?
  • Is the company totally computerized and able to supply instant data on anything pertaining to your contract from the exact location a Security Officer was at any given time, to how many incidents in all possible categories?

If you received a no from any of the above questions, then you should stop throwing your money away and give us a call - (805) 238 7728 or 782 9624.

We are a full service provider with immediate emergency response 24/7, 365 days a year. With a Fully Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Workforce.