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Hotel/Motel Security Service

Inhouse Security Service can offer an extensive range of specialized services for hotels. Through our experience in providing hotel security for some of our countries leading entertainers, we have gained a detailed insight into the unique requirements of the hospitality industry. Our staff receives extensive training to keep your guests, employees and property safe.

The training includes:

  • Customer Care
  • Aggression Diffusion
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • Security Procedures
  • Patrolling Techniques
  • All Relevant Legislation

Inhouse Security Service Can:

  • Patrol the grounds
  • Secure your bar/night club (where applicable)
  • Secure your Special Events

Security Surveys:

We can conduct a full security survey of your hotel in order to determine its security weaknesses. This review can cover all areas of your business including existing security systems, staff, and current electronic security.

VIP Security:

Protecting your Executives and VIP's guests from deliberate attack, accidents or unwanted media intrusion is essential.

Inhouse Security Service can provide for these and all other eventualities with professionally trained experienced close protection operatives. Our Officers, many of whom have military experience, are trained to the highest standards, and all are required to undergo regular training reinforcing and constantly improving their abilities. Whether you require local support, an advance team or individual close protection staff, Inhouse Security Service can provide an expert team.