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First Alarm Response Service & Key Holding

We hold your keys, respond rapidly to any alarm, deal with the incident, and take any further action needed.

Just look at the benefits:

  • No more unnecessary call outs on weekends or late at night. Neither you nor your designated key holder will ever be placed in a potentially dangerous or worrying situation. Whether or not there's a police presence, an Inhouse Security Service Security professional will respond to your alarm.
  • The latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) monitoring system is fitted to all Supervisor vehicles. This means our nearest patrol vehicle will be at your premises quickly and efficiently. Inhouse Security Service officers write reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shift. Although the majority of our security officers perform many of the same duties, specific duties vary based on whether the officer works in a "standing" security position or on a mobile patrol. Officers assigned to standing security positions usually serve the client at one location for a specific length of time.
  • Your home or business keys will be security coded, stored securely and fully covered by our insurance.
  • All Inhouse Security Service officers are in full communication with the emergency services.
  • Take the worry out of your home and business security with Inhouse Security Service's key holding and First Alarm Response services.
  • You can be sure that if your alarm is activated at home or at work, a fully trained officer will be there quickly to deal with the incident giving you a peace of mind.
  • A major advantage of our key holding service is that we hold a set of keys to your premises so our trained officers can respond immediately if your alarm is activated, any time, day or night. Rather than putting yourself or your key holder at risk, one of our trained officers will deal with any situation from a simple reset of your alarm system, to a potentially dangerous situation.
  • If any locks or windows have been damaged, we will arrange for an approved locksmith or glazier to carry out any essential security repairs.
  • Finally, we will send you a full report within 48hrs giving; you full details of the incident.

Key holder Escort Service

We also offer a Key holder Escort Service. This is similar to the Key holding Service, but if an alarm is activated, one of our fully trained officers will escort you or your designated key holder around your premises.

Take the inconvenience and worry out of your home or business security by calling us today at

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