Experts in all fields
of private Security

Company Overview

We don't want to just fill your space with a uniformed body; we care. We are experienced Professionals that will eliminate the chances of any unnecessary or uneasy situations that may arise.

Security has to be effective to be worth your while

Inexperienced personnel will just make things more confusing and can even promote an unwanted situation.

We do not Employ Security Guards in our Company; we only employ "SECURITY OFFICERS".

Avoiding the common cliché of "the security guard sleeping" is difficult, but it's one that our Company will not tolerate. If you have ever had this unfortunate experience, you will want to talk to us.

Some Benefits Over Other Company:

  • The ONLY Security Company Respected and Referred by local Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Combined experience of over thirty years in the Security Industry.
  • History in the field of law enforcement.
  • Custom unique security plan for every client.
  • All Company Officers are state licensed and screened by D.O.J.
  • Continuous Training of all Security Personnel.
  • Full uniform capable "not just a belt and a flashlight".
  • Well fitted and pressed uniforms. We like to take pride in our appearance as well as in the job that we perform.

Our goal is not to earn your business by "bad mouthing" the competition, we just simply provide our Clients with a much more needed professional service. Security officers in this day and age need to provide more than just observing and reporting.

  • We are experts in all fields of private security, including Terrorism Awareness.
  • Over 20 years experience in controlling 7 major gangs in the central California area.
  • Supervision" 24 hour field Supervisors in fully equipped marked vehicles for inspecting all accounts, and to help detour the unwanted. Why settle with "prehistoric security guards", when you now have the choice to hire a; "NEW AGE SECURITY OFFICER"

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