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Let's start out with a little Company History. Inhouse Security Service was first founded in 1989, by Grant Withey and son, Shawn Withey. They've lived in the Central Coast area all their lives & during this time they've experienced a lot of change & growth in the area. Grant having experience in law enforcement knew that along with such growth and changes the Unwanted Crimes come too. So Grant & Shawn decided to join the Citizens & Local Law Enforcement in The fight to help preserve the Safety & Security for all that live & visit the Central Coast Area by founding Inhouse Security Service in 1989.

Inhouse Security Service is the leading Private Security Officer provider in the California Central Coast area, offering unarmed and armed security officers for foot or mobile patrol services to residential communities, special events, commercial properties, retail establishments, Local and federal governments, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Inhouse Security Service is dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security enforcement programs for every client. Inhouse Security Service provides Superior service in a cost-efficient manner. Our commitment to professional quality security service is unequal, and unmatched. With our professional security personnel, Inhouse Security Service sets the industry standard for Superior Excellence!

Our Security Teams commitment to excellence in service is what makes us a leader in the Private Security Industry. Inhouse Security Service superior service begins with its employees. Our well-chosen and unequal dedicated security officers are Inhouse Security Service most valuable asset. We are committed to hiring high caliber professional officers who are, intelligent and dedicated. Candidates are carefully selected to meet the high expectations of our Company and Clients. On-going training and quality assurance measures ensure that Inhouse Security Service officers are the industries finest.

Inhouse Security Service takes pride in providing a level of security service that exceeds our client's expectations. Our Quality Assurance Service Program is designed to ensure that every client receives the highest level of performance and satisfaction. Our Quality Assurance Service Program is a continual process that includes comprehensive security programs customized for each client, regular quality evaluations and client feedback. Quality assurance security inspections, on-going training and emergency response drills ensure that our officers are meeting the high-level service expectations set by Inhouse Security Service.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program allows Inhouse Security Service clients to enjoy the peace of mind they deserve.